Teaching and Learning


Rosary offers quality teaching and learning in Religious Education, English, Mathematics, History, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Health and Physical Education, Science, Technologies, The Arts and Indonesian.

Through these Curriculum areas, staff endeavour to develop an atmosphere conducive to the development of the spiritual, intellectual, academic, physical, emotional and social growth of the students. Staff aim to provide opportunities for success for each child and to build on all positive aspects of learning.

Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry based learning is important at Rosary as we strive to produce students who embrace new thinking, increase their intellectual engagement and foster their development through hands-on, minds-on and research based dispositions towards teaching and learning. We strive to provide opportunities for students to create, design, imagine and develop new possibilities.


At Rosary, we believe that educating the next generation about sustainability, climate change and the environment is a positive investment in a healthier future. We are reducing our carbon footprint by decreasing our usage of energy and natural resources in a meaningful and positive way.


At Rosary we believe that children learn to make effective use of technology when ICT tasks are integrated into learning across the curriculum. Each classroom at Rosary has an interactive whiteboard and our classrooms allow constant access to banks of computers. We also have a dedicated computer lab to allow for the teaching of specific skills. All grades are allocated a group of iPads for class use and Years 5 and 6 participate in a 1:1 Bring Your Own iPad program.

Classroom Support

In order to assist the teaching staff in catering for the learning differences and needs of each student, the Classroom Support Team provides extra assistance in literacy and numeracy where needed.