For Parents

To help us provide the best possible education for your child, your involvement as parents/carers is welcomed and encouraged at home and school. Help comes in many forms: Joining in with grade and school Masses, attending school assemblies, participating in Sacramental Programs, assisting teachers with Literacy and Numeracy groups, volunteering at sports carnivals, sports training, attending grounds maintenance working bees, joining Community Council committee and becoming a Class Contact parent.

Rosary Community Council

The Council has the responsibility to take action on decisions regarding the development of the Catholic identity, ethos and mission of the school; supporting pastoral care, promotion, planning budgets, developing school enterprise and the strategic plan, modifications to the school uniform and fundraising.

They also provide advice on school programs and activities, school polices, parent support process and other matters as requested by the Parish Priest or Principal.

School Fees


The tuition fee each year is set by the Catholic Education Office, with each child attracting a fee. For 2018 this fee per term is: 1st child - $346.00; 2nd child - $103.80; 3rd child - $69.20; 4th and subsequent children - $0.00


These contributions are paid into a central fund administered by the Trustees of the Archdiocese. The amount is tax deductible. It is used to maintain and repair capital works such as plant and equipment; it is also required to repay the building loans on schools. In 2018 this levy is $168 per family, per term.


There is a general fee paid by each family to cover the operating costs of the school infrastructure which include utilities, cleaning, telephone, loan repayment, etc. In 2018 this levy is $227.50 per family, per term.
This fee covers the costs associated with student learning, including books, class materials, excursions etc. In 2018 this levy is $119.00 per student per term. The school provides most of the materials students need for their work at school.

Please note the above fees and levies will increase in 2019.