Rosary Community Council

The Rosary Community Council Representatives for 2024 are:

Council Chair :    James Mathews
Deputy Chair :      James Macpherson
Treasurer : David Battey
Secretary : Krystal Eppelstun-Lee, Matt Rudd
Parent Representative : Fiona Hill-Stein
Parent Representative : Raphaela Higginbotham
Parent Representative: Fiona Slater
Parent Representative: Tesse Crozier
Staff Representative : Mara Pangallo
Ex Officio : Parish Priest
Executive Officer :      Principal/Assistant Principal

Rosary Community Council

 The School Community Council provides a crucial point of connection between the school community and school leaders. The Council provides a framework for welcoming parents and other members of the school community to participate in school activities, to become actively involved in the life of the school and to support the mission of Catholic education in the school.

The Council is advisory in nature, though are able to make decisions in relation to the expenditure of money raised through Council led fundraising activities. While the Council does not have governance responsibility or decision-making authority in relation to the school more broadly, the Council provides an important forum for consultation, a means for members of the community to share their skills and talents for the common good, and a framework for the Principal to draw on the collective wisdom and insights of the parent cohort. The Council also provides invaluable support to the school through community led activities.

Role of the Council

  • The Council has a key role in supporting the community of parents, students and staff at the school.
  • Specifically, the role of the Council is to, according to local priorities:
  1. a) support the Principal and Parish Priest to develop and promote Catholic Identity, the ethos and mission of the school;
  2. b) support the Principal to make strategic decisions relating to the school as part of the consultative process outlined at 3.4 of this Charter;
  3. c) promote the school in the local community;
  4. d) support the Principal and the school to raise funds for the school through community led fundraising activities, with Council Working Groups operating to co-ordinate the delivery of these activities;
  5. e) provide support to the Principal and the school to foster relationships and connections within the school community by developing and delivering community building activities; and
  6. f) provide support to the Principal to foster Parish-school connections.


Communication with the Council can be made via email: