Principal's Welcome

The Rosary community welcomes enrolments from families who are genuinely interested in a Christian education based on gospel values, taught from the perspective of the Catholic Faith Tradition.


Rosary is a Catholic School providing a challenging and comprehensive education for students from Kindergarten to Year 6, within an atmosphere permeated by gospel values. Through its defining culture, its curriculum and Religious Education studies, our school aims to foster in individuals a rich relationship with God. We are proud of our rich history and strive to keep the Dominican spirit alive. Our school motto Veritas (Truth) is reflected and promoted in all school activities and experiences.


We respect the dignity and uniqueness of each person. As a Catholic school, we seek to develop an overall curriculum that will cater for individual differences, be genuinely inclusive, employ a wide range of teaching and learning strategies so that all students participate with a heightened sense of self worth and achievement.


Our Catholic school does not function in isolation. It is part of the wider Church community that includes the Parish Priest, parents, teachers and members of the Parish and local community.


We invite you to attend and participate in our celebrations, information meetings, parent in-services, excursions and sports carnivals and to assist with class activities such as reading, craft, maths or sport. We accept help and participation in whatever manner you wish to support our community. My role as Principal is to work collaboratively with the children, staff and families to develop a community of faith and life long learners. I look forward to such partnerships and welcome your inquiries at any time.

Kind regards,


Vicky van der Sanden