Rosary offers quality teaching and learning in Religious Education, English, Mathematics, History, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Science, Technology, The Arts and Indonesian.


Through teaching these Curriculum areas we endeavour to develop an atmosphere conducive to the development of the spiritual, intellectual, academic, physical, emotional and social growth of our students. We aim to provide opportunities for success for each child, and to build on all positive aspects of learning.


We believe all learning is a developmental process and as a result there will be tremendous individual differences in the rate and the way in which children progress. We differentiate the curriculum wherever possible to suit the learning needs of individual students.


At Rosary our core curriculum document for Religious Education is Treasures New and Old. We have commenced implementation of the Australian Curriculum in English, Science, Mathematics and History. We continue to use Every chance to learn: Curriculum framework for ACT schools P-10 throughout the school for Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Technology, The Arts and Indonesian.



Teachers at Rosary use curriculum integration to help the children make meaningful links across the traditional boundaries of Key Learning Areas (KLAs). Integration reflects the ‘seamless’ nature of knowledge; its primary purpose is to enhance and maximise learning both within and across the Key Learning Areas. It does not abandon the skills and understandings that are specific to individual disciplines, but is a means of enriching those areas that cross the curriculum.


Information Communication Technology (ICT)

At Rosary we believe that children learn to make effective use of computers when they are physically nearby, and ICT tasks are integrated into learning across the curriculum. Each classroom at Rosary has an interactive whiteboard, and our newly refurbished classrooms allow constant access to banks of computers. We also have a dedicated computer lab to allow for the teaching of specific skills. All computers at school are connected to the school network and the wider world via ‘TransACT’.