Yr 6 Excursion

Yr 6 Excursion to the National Museum of Australia


When we first arrived at the museum we split into groups of Cairo and Bangkok. Then we received artefacts from many years ago and we had to analyse the objects and explore the history of them. The artefacts gave us clues about the migrants to whom they belonged. Some of the artefacts were documents, items of clothing and objects, showing the culture of the immigrants. Once we had explored the artefacts, we went up to the migration exhibits. Working as History detectives, we had to choose a display of artefacts and record images and facts on a Pic Collage.

To complete our excursion we were given a treat to go on the Circa and viewed the growth of Australia's migration history since its earliest times.


The positives of the excursion were that they helped us broaden our knowledge of the history of Australia's migration. We learned how and why migrants came to Australia. Having a chance to immerse ourselves in the stories of the people, has given us a great resource to enrich our understanding and help us be inspired in our learning.