Yr 4 Camp

On the 2nd day of camp, we did an awesome activity called Early Settler Simulation. The Early Settler Simulation was about life in the early days of Australia. We were divided into families with a dad, mum and three of four kids. My family was the Webb family. Each family had a bit of land, we had to pitch a tent and buy things for our land. At the shop, you could buy things like animals, utensils, lanterns and dams. You even had to pay for the ‘Y’ poles, ridge pole, tent pegs, rope, hammer and canvas for the tent. You paid with weeds for the first while, but then the shop stopped accepting weeds and you had to pay with corn. Corn was worth twice as much and it ‘grew’ if you were looking after your land.

-        Madison, Year 4


At Rosary, you get wonderful experiences like year 4 school camp. It’s full of wonderful and exciting activities and people so far have loved it. It’s amazing what happens and how much fun you have. If you go on school camp, you’re going to do so many fun things like making a campfire and cooking damper, an amazing bush walk where we learnt bush survival skills and playing funny ‘Minute to Win It’ games. My favourite activity was the early settler simulation because you get to do what an early settler would have done and make a tent which was so much fun.

-        Joseph, Year 4