Literacy Immersion Day

This term, the teachers of Years 4, 5, 6 and the Teacher Librarian are focussing on improving students’ writing skills. Internationally known Australian author Morris Gleitzman visited Rosary earlier this term. He inspired our students by providing scaffolding strategies to enhance their story writing narratives, especially when beginning their writing. To follow on from this workshop, students in Years 4, 5 & 6 participated in a full literacy immersion day.


The day consisted of teacher-led workshops to further enhance the skills of writing. All students were mixed from the three grades into three groups with two teachers per group.  One of the workshops was with Canberra-based author, Jack Heath. He worked with the students discussing and showcasing how he develops a story by planning and expanding the plot of a story. He also used their story writing to cultivate and create a joint story with the students.


Not only did the students work with Jack Heath, they also had the opportunity to work with the grade teachers to explore different facets of writing. One workshop focused on developing characterisation and connecting with characters through drama activities. Another group developed setting through use of the five senses and transforming their writing from ‘Ordinary to Extraordinary’. The third workshop investigated story problems and developed complications based around given props.


At the conclusion of the day, students felt more confident as writers, especially when developing characterisations, creating and developing story problems/plots and adding detail to settings.


To add to the excitement, students dressed up, or brought a prop or a piece of clothing that represented a character from their favourite fiction book.