Indonesian Visitors

This term we have welcomed two sets of Indonesian visitors to Rosary Primary School.


The first was Ibu Vera, a teacher of both English and Indonesian. Ibu Vera is the first participant of a new Indonesian teacher volunteer exchange project that has been coordinated and offered by APBIPA (Association of Teachers of Indonesian for Foreigners) in Denpasar, Bali. She spent four weeks in Canberra, visiting three different Catholic primary schools where she worked alongside the Indonesian teachers. Ibu Vera was at Rosary for one week and all students spent time with her during their weekly Indonesian lesson.


Kinder, Year 1 and Year 2 were taught to draw different animals, using a novel counting strategy which not only helped their drawing skills but also reinforced counting to 5 in Indonesian. There were very proud of their kucing (cat), tikus (mouse) and naga (dragon) creations which they took home to share.


Year 3 and 4 learned how to play ‘majumputan’, a traditional game involving kelereng (marbles), cangkir (cups) and jepitan (tongs). This was a great way to end our unit of work on sports and the Olympics.


For Year 5, Ibu Vera wrote a short script for students to perform with their wayang kulit (shadow puppets). The script was perfect for their comprehension level and all students delivered it with fluency and flair!


Year 6 experienced some Balinese culture, making prayer offerings. They also watched a Balinese legend story, which tells of how Bali became separated from Java. The video was in Indonesian but students were able to follow the simple storyline and identify the moral of the story.


The second visit was brief but a lot of fun as Rosary’s Year 4 students hosted 30 Indonesian high school students from West Java. The visiting students were spending a week at Daramalan College and walked to Rosary to experience a morning in an Australian primary school. The Year 4 students took them on tours of the school, played congklak (a traditional game) and showed some of their favourite educational apps on the school iPads. In return they were taught how to play badminton by the Indonesian students. All the students ate recess together to finish off a fun morning.



Visits by Indonesian teachers and students are a fantastic way to expose Rosary students to Indonesian culture and language. Being able to practise and use Indonesian in a meaningful way with others provides a great boost to the student’s motivation and confidence. Last year Rosary was fortunate to host Ayu, a student teacher from Bali, for three weeks and this year was the third time we hosted Indonesian students visiting Daramalan College. We look forward to adding more visits to the calendar for 2017.


Ibu Chilver

Indonesian Teacher